Dermaheal - Super Brightening Serum

Dermaheal – Super Brightening Serum


Our unique and innovative formulas are developed to effectively lighten the discolored areas of the skin and prevent the formation of melanin in the cells. Dermaheal Cosmeceutical achieves this without using harmful chemicals or ingredients.

Our products DO NOT contain hydroquinone, which is the key ingredient in competitive brands. Our key active ingredient in our anti- pigmentation line is a medical grade patented biomimetic peptide, which has been proven scientifically to help prevent synthesis of melanin in skin cells. You can achieve luminous, healthy, even-toned skin with these cutting-edge formulas. Created with the latest advancements in skincare technologies to deliver intensive brightening benefits, even-tone complexion, while providing moisture and nutrients to your skin!

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Product Description

Contains ingredients to help brighten the appearance of your overall complexion, focusing on pigmented areas such as age spots. Assists in improving skin elasticity by increasing levels of collagen and elastin. Reducing blotchiness leaving your skin event-toned and silky smooth. Due to the fact that there are no harmful chemicals or ingredients in the Super Brightening products they can be used for an unlimited period unlike competing brands. We Recommend This Product For… Anti-pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, age spots, discolored skin types. 15 ml


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