Shea Terra Organic - African Earth & Sea Detox Mineral Face Masque 3.4oz

African Earth & Sea Detox Mineral Face Masque (3.4 oz.)


Delicate facial skin needs regular maintenance to ward off evil little free radicals, bacteria and other foreign bodies actively attacking healthy cells. This amazing little jar is action packed with detoxifying minerals collected from across Africa

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Product Description

100% Natural. What? You are not detoxing with African Earth & Sea? Why, you don’t know what you are missing! African Earth & Sea offers the best ingredients from across Africa to cleanse the skin of negative ions, draw impurities and black heads from the pores, decrease and eradicate blemishes and outbreaks, as well as stimulate healthy cell proliferation. We have combined some of the best detoxifying ingredients from across Africa including Moroccan ghassool clay, Ecklonia Maxima sea algae from off the rugged, pristine coast of South Africa, Kalahari Desert mineral salts, detoxifying moringa tree leaf and more. We highly recommend adding one detoxifying masque to your beauty regimen a day to withdraw toxins and impurities as well as to slow down the rate of aging caused by pollutants.

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