3 Sisters Restorasis - Rehydrating Complex Activator

3 Sisters Restorasis – Rehydrating Complex Activator


Damged, neglected, aged, abused skin requires conatant Re-hydration. For maximum dermal regeneration and repair, apply a fine mist to areas requiring attention Just before application of 3 Sisters Restorasis Rehydrating Skin Repair COmplex. The Rehydrating Complex Activator is what allows the Skin Repair Complex to work at a maximal effort.

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Product Description

The Rehydrating Complex Activator provides more than 70 trace minerals in a water based spray that, when complimented with the Repair Complex, provides these minerals for maximal cellular functioning. The 70 trace minerals are derived from remnants of 70 million year old plants, mined in Utah with no artificial ingredients added. This Rehydrating Complex Activator accelerates dermal hydration and gently opens pores to assist in a deeper, quicker penetration for the Skin Repair Complex.


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