3 Sisters Restorasis - Skin Repair Complex

3 Sisters Restorasis – Skin Repair Complex


For use on damaged, neglected, aged and abused skin. The Skin Repair Complex uses only natural occurring ingredients and is void of all synthetic emulsifiers, humectants, coloring or scents.  This 100% all-natural Hydro-BioMimetic self sterilizing formula is the only water based skin care product on the market to have passed the Personal Care Products Council (formerly CFTA) without having any unnatural preservatives.

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Product Description

This is how it works; your skin cells produce energy but they also produce reactive oxygen species (ROS).  The strongest is known as hydrogen peroxide, which damages your skin cells & shortens the lifespan.  The technology known as Brassica Lipid Complex (BLC) along with the other supporting ingredients help penetrate the skin cell wall to heal cells back to solid health and also pro-long their lifespan.  BLC is the ONLY water based repair complex that can be delivered to the cell at physiologic levels to neutralize the effects of hydrogen peroxide and allows your skin to heal itself naturally.  For best results use after targeted areas have been hydrated with a sheer mist of Rehydrating Complex Activator.


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