12 benefits rapid blowout spray

12 Benefits Rapid Blowout Spray 3.4 oz


12 Benefits™ offers the ultimate multi-benefit 3-uses-in-1 oil mist (blow dries, hot ironing, shine spray). A few sprays before you blow out and poof! –soft, wonderful hair.

Quick bursts of 12 Benefits™ Rapid Blowout work instantly to:

        • Accelerate blow dries +
        • Protect cuticles +
        • Reduce hair stress from brushing or combing +
        • Moisturize hair with imported argan oil +
        • Prevent blow-dryer dry out +
        • Seal your hair surface when using a flat iron +
        • Give curly or hard to manage hair discipline +
        • Control frizz +
        • Provide exquisite shine +
        • Prevent static +
        • Add softness and a silky finish +
        • Keep hair youthful
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Product Description

4 extremely effective, essential ingredients deliver an exquisite zero-weight, shiny finish to your hair. When using rapid blowout on damp hair, your hair will experience a special conditioning process that accelerates blow dry time and allows hair to be flexible and moveable. Hair cuticles are shielded while brushing or combing, particularly important for color-treated, chemically processed hair, or hair that suffers stress caused by frequent use of hair dryers, straightening irons, or curling wands. Rapid blowout has a fantastic aroma!


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